Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday Weekend 1

Purpose Driven Pepsi! We read chapter 31 this week. A nice practical chapter about using talents and personality to minister.

This game is a combination of Uno and Rummikub.

They are actually not arguing for these few brief moments!! But later they ended up not getting to sleep out and watch movies due to arguing. Anyone else have kids who sometimes cannot breath air in the same room without arguing?????

We hadn't played Ants in the Pants in a long time.

I couldn't get one mid flight.

The sausage pizza and I did not get along.

Usually I have thin crust but my pizza orderer forgot. Thin has a lot less calories!

Doesn't everyone look thrilled to be playing Pet Shop?

There's the smile.

I won!

To be continued....


BIG DOG said...

I won a game (UNO-RUMMI-UP)

Karen said...

How DO you get your kids to play all those games? Mine got tired after they didn't win the first one. :)