Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down Time

It's been a hard week and we all needed some down time. Rick got his two weeks' notice at work last week and has put in his letter to bump someone lower. He interviewed yesterday. Adam has been dealing with many issues--more than just what I wrote about. Even though they are of his own doing, he needed a break. Tyler has been working on a 1,000 word paper for comp 101 on trying/convicting minors as adults. Jessica has been having a rough time at work and is job hunting.

So we made all kinds of food and watched three Jetson episodes. Tacky but fun. Anyone else watch those growing up?

Jessica made Jiffy Pop. You aren't suppose to make it on the type stove top we have so we don't make it often. But the kids enjoy it.


Rick made pumpkin "pie." Since I don't like crust he makes it in little glass dishes with no crust. Bet that saves on calories but that's not the reason. It just tastes yucky to me.


One Crowded House said...

very sweet... I loved the Jetsons!

We all need those down time evenings from time to time.

Hevel said...

The Jetsons! I almost names one of my boys Elroy. And I'm not even kidding!

I found that sometimes those kids need a break the most who keep messing up. Maybe because in my family I was that kid, dunno.

Karen said...

Oh, yes, I remember the Jetsons. AND the Flintstones. Don't like pumpkin pie...oh my! :)

Kathy C. said...

Love pumpkin pie but only the pumpkin part. Hate the crust so he makes it crustless.

BIG DOG said...

Jetson - OK
Give me Moby Dick The Whale