Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flubber and Soccer

Jasmine made flubber at school.

Notice how nice and goopy it is.

Adam warms up for his 8:30 game. His team is the purple terminators. Strangely enough, so is Jasmine's. Different age groups but kind of funny the teams voted for the same name and were assigned the same color. Adam's shirt is purple, white and black. Jasmine's has gold where Adam's has black.

Huddle up. Adam's age group is U15 so 12, 13, 14 year olds. He is either the oldest or close to the oldest.

In this game Adam scored two goals--for the OTHER team. He jumped up to block one (he's not the goalie but he was in the net), it deflected off his shoulder and right into his own goal. Later a ball rebounded off his knee and into the goal.
They lost their first game 2-6.

Jasmine played at 10:00. It was already 90F. This is the only shot I have of her going after the ball. She wasn't really on top of her game today.

Adam's team played again at 11:15. This is the kickoff.

This time Adam scored two goals for his team--the only two. They tied 2-2.


One Crowded House said...

wow- it is still hot there!

I was going to take pictures at Tristan's game yesterday but they canceled it! So we will have soccer- all the way until the second week of November! That seems late to me!

BIG DOG said...

Adam - You did great!

Jasmine - Outstanding!