Monday, October 26, 2009

Park and Festival

The last post was of our Purpose Driven day at the park. This is from yesterday also.

After our chapter and lunch, Tyler went to climb his favorite tree at the park. A bit challenging to get onto those first branches.

In looking over colleges and majors, Jessica is thinking of staying here locally rather than going away to the college she had previously chosen.

In looking at majors, I pointed out criminology and she thought that sounded interesting and there are a lot of ways to go with it. Plus she can always change her mind if she doesn't like it.

Anyway, I challenged her to do the obstacle course at the park to start getting in shape. Jasmine and I went with her.

Jasmine demonstrates how to swing on the rings.

Jasmine can push up on the bars but not walk down them with her hands or do the pushups on them.

Jessica can "walk" down them.

I can push up. That's it. I can really feel the break in my arm from a couple years ago when I do this. Funny because it's completely healed.

Jasmine demonstrates one of her gymnastics bar skills. Her left hand is so much smaller that I worry about her grip.

1-2-3 climb--or not.

Jumping. Both girls can easily do two footed hops over these.

They were doing push ups but decided to get goofy on me.

Back home it's time to get ready for the church festival. At the last minute Jasmine decided to wear one of her dance costumes from last year's recital. She had planned to wear the white one and be a princess but wanted to wear the read "Little Red Riding Hood" one from her hip hop dance.


At the chili cook off

Jessica with friends

Baptist gone wild with some line dancing. It was a western theme but my girls didn't have western costumes so wore what they wanted. Rick and I have shirts my mom made a long time ago for a horse ride. The kids have long outgrown theirs.

This was then:


One Crowded House said...

awww- love the older pictures!

Hevel said...

Criminology is a great major! If I could start again I'd major in that instead of Bible education. It also gives enough science foundation to go to some other areas if one wants to change majors. Of course with the sudden increase of the criminology graduates (I blame it in CSI) it's harder to get a job in the field, but if Jessica has inherited the writing gene from you, she will be writing awesome crime stories!