Monday, September 28, 2009


At a new shopping area.

Checking out the ice cream

Hopscotch in the middle of JC Penneys.

teriyaki beef/chicken

Rummikub--how do you all say this name? We say it room-i-cube.

Tyler was a bit hyper!!!!!

Jasmine empties the trash.

Jessica made chocolate covered pretzels.

Ty and Jasmine read together.


Cleaning. He's not a rummikub player. Shocking.


One Crowded House said...

we say room e cube as well- and
we LOVE that game! It really makes your mind think when you get near the end and have to move everything around!

Karen said...

Never played that one. If it's too much thinking, maybe it's good I haven't. :0

Lou said...

Ty does look fairly hyper!!! I am surprised that Adam does not like Rummikub. I would have come and played with you.
I think it is pronounced rum-e-cube because I think it is named for the rummy card game but I could be wrong and I don't think it makes any big difference.

Christine said...

We love Rummikub! Pronounced (rum-i-cube). Good job Jessica and Jasmine on the sign language!