Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking Back 3

This is 2007. This was a busy year. May alone was crazy! We had pilot for a day--a program the Air Force has for special needs kids and we all got to tag along, Jasmine graduated kindergarten and we met the twins for the first time.

We started out the year with a family portrait for the church directory. Everyone was so short!!! Adam is standing in this picture. He's grown a lot

Disney MGM

Sleeping princess.

Sea World

First year of baseball for Jasmine. (And last year. She was pretty bored and easily distracted)

Kindergarten graduation was so cute. They don't have that in the public school so won't get to do it with the twins.

Here we are at pilot for the day. Isn't that the cutest little pilot you've seen?

It's like having 10 pounds on your head.

Not long after we returned from Haiti, Jasmine was off to mission camp. She is on the obstacle course.

Meeting the twins for the first time.

In between Haiti trips, Jessica went to Ottawa. She got back a day or two before we needed to leave for the second Haiti trip.

In August all of us went to Haiti so everyone could meet the twins and feel a part of the adoption.

Jasmine was baptized. Jessica went in with her because she led her to the Lord. (That's baptist talk for got born again)

Wild Adventures


Ready for the Christmas parade


One Crowded House said...

the twins are so tiny... that is great that you were all able to go down and meet them!

Karen said...

Your blog, Kathy, always shines of love for family. I love it!


Christine said...

what a neat walk down memory lane.

BTW, I think the respite thing you are doing is awesome!