Friday, September 11, 2009

Looking back

at favorite "old" pictures. These are my favorites from 2005 so not all that old. They are from prints scanned in not digital.

This was the last year Jeff was still at home with us. This was Christmas time.

The kids were all still together at the Christian school. It closed this past year. We left the year before that due to financial strain and the lack of any electives for the high school kids.

2005 was Jasmine's first year at mission camp and I went with her this year. I'm not good at camp because I don't always sleep well and hot weather, tents and lots of noise don't do much for my sleep.

Jasmine's dedication. She was four.

One of our first meetings with Karen Kingsbury. It was love at first sight.

Other new friends at the Christian book convention.

Ashley came to visit and was here on Phoenix's first birthday.

My sister and her husband came too. I think it was their last trip down until Ty's graduation last May!!

Coach Mom (me) with the sharks. That's Jasmine out front leading the way.



All at the beach.

In Colorado. Jeff and Adam were at TMI mission camp.

Loved Colorado Springs.

Ty certified scuba in 2005.

Jessica and I took windsurfing class. Haven't done it since. Don't have the equipment.

It's fun looking back even if it's just a couple of years back. I can't wait until the twins are home and we are looking back at the times when we visited them in Haiti.


One Crowded House said...

that looked like an eventful year!

Hevel said...

Just looking at the school uniform pic:
1) my first school had the same colour uniforms!
2. Jasmine was sooooo cute!