Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Stuff

Not a lot of excitement this week, just regular stuff.

Griffin turned two this week. Unfortunately we only see him about once every two years.


Breakfast on the go.

Everyone helps clean up the kitchen in the morning. Jasmine wipes the counter.

Ty packing his lunch.

Thrilled to be up this early for college.

Adam working on learning some notes on guitar.

All of a sudden all the furbies showed up. Haven't seen them in a couple years. Someone must have been cleaning out a closet!!

Having a heart to heart with Cheyenne about going out in the morning. She is older and would prefer just to lay in comfort all day.

Shy checking out the ice pop.

World's laziest cat.

Rick broke his wrist the rest of the way through and had no choice about the cast at this point.