Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looking Back 2

These are some of my favorites from 2006. These are in random order. If you missed 2005, look back a post.

Ty is Incredible at MGM

Hanging out at Disney

(This is the same month we decided to adopt from Haiti and started our paperwork! That's how long it's been)

We went up to Indiana for Ashley's wedding.

Bloomington, IN
Monroe Resevoir

Ty helped me with my soccer team.

Adam playing soccer.

Do I look thrilled about my broken elbow or what? And I missed the dance recital too.

Jasmine at mission camp on Merritt Island

Visiting Jeff at Camp Tracey for the hog roast.


Jessica's short cut to the park on Thanksgiving!! Um, we ended up going back home and hosing off before we even went into the house.

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BIG DOG said...

Lots of memories and good times.