Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tyler is done with school, but the others had a regular day today. However, since my sister is just here this week I told the kids I would take anyone out for the day who had A, B, & Cs but I wouldn't take anyone out that had any Ds or Fs because they need to be in class trying to bring the grade up this last week of school.

We decide that we would go to the zoo because that would be suitable for everyone. It's just a little zoo and not in our town but it was fun anyway and everyone got to feed the giraffe. Rick had to work.

Tyler and the monkey tried to intimidate each other. They were having a stand off. It was kind of funny.

Jasmine wanted to get her picture with the peacock but this is as close as she could get.

Me & Jessica with the bird. It's green so you can hardly see it between us.

My sister.

Tyler and Jessica feed the giraffe.

I took a turn feeding the giraffe.

Jerry, Lou & me.

Ty approaches the peacock.

Feeding the horse.

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