Friday, May 15, 2009

John Piper addresses Obama

on abortion.

This message needs to be heard.


PreSchoolMama said...

I have been having trouble viewing this is the past and was finally able to watch it today. This year we were not thrilled with either canidate and this is the main reason we chose Mcain. I do like how the video said that "we will pray for you(the president)". Sometimes my husband gets frustrated by his decisions and I remind him that the Bible says to pray for those who govern over you. I truly do believe that prayer changes things snd maybe one day this will be fixed. It is scary raising kids these days things are so worse younger and younger. Sometimes my daughter will come home and tell me what she heard on the bus and I just can't imagine knowing those things at that age when I was a kid. Oh my I kind of went on on sorry this response is so long.

Kathy C. said...

Yes, they know wayyyyyy too much way too early.