Monday, May 11, 2009


This was actually earlier in the week. We'd been working on projects and the girls just decided to have a sleepout in our room. We don't normally do this on a school night.

Friday right after school the girls and I drove to where Jeff is staying and then Saturday we took him to Wild Adventures.

Tyler didn't want to take off work but Rick had to really trade around hours to get Saturday off including working 4-midnight Friday.

But then there were some incidents with Adam and Rick decided that he and Adam would stay home and work on cleaning carpets, putting on a new screen door and other things we want done before Ty's graduation.

So just the girls and I took Jeff to Wild Adventure. It would have been more exciting for Jeff if Ty had gone but Ty really loves his job and doesn't like to take time off.

Jasmine isn't afraid of the alligator--especially since its mouth is taped shut. The man who does the alligator/snake show is a creationist. He mentioned God all the way through the show and then at the end told everyone that animal cloning will never replace animals because God created each being on earth and that each person is here by His plan.

He also said that alligators have a strong immune system and heal very quickly. In three lab tests alligator blood wiped out the HIV virus. That could be very good news down the road.


The Lorikeet like Jessica!

I got my hair permed and then the lady cut it SUPER short. But the birds like it!!!

Jeff didn't get to stay over night with us but we got our room for the night then got KFC to celebrate his birthday. Jessica does not normally wear that short of shorts without capri leggings under them but when her clothes got soaked at Wild Adventure it was all she had to change in to.

Back at Camp Tracy. Doesn't Jeff look thrilled? That is really his natural look. That is how he looked all day at WA even when he was having fun on rides.

The girls and I stopped at two malls in Tallahassee on the way home. Jessica got me this car seat for my koala for Mother's Day.

On the road home.

Jessica also got me this cute penguin make up bag at the mall.

I will show the other Mother's Day presents later. Some are being assembled.


Holly said...

Looks like great fun! I have some similar photos of myself with parakeets on my head too, only mine were taken at Dreamworld in Australia when I was about nine!

PreSchoolMama said...

Those are really neat pictures. i love your hair it looks so nice on you. I'm glad you guys had a fun Day.

Karen said...

Kathy, when I had long hair, my mom used to call my tangled hair a birds nest. But I don't think that's what you were going for there! Cute pic. Hey, we have lots of gators here. Wouldn't that be great to find that cure.

Fun family, love the pics