Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Life

We did Purpose Driven Life chapter 26.

Finishing up the patio. Bet you are all getting tired of seeing pictures of dirt and stones and flowers! We are equally tired of working on all these projects.

Bored with all the activity.

This side is filling in nicely.

Putting some color along the side. We seem to only grow dirt well.

Me filling in potting soil.

Jessica putting on the finishing touches.

Cooling after yard work.

The finished patio. We are going to extend it three more bricks next spring.

Celebrating the finish of the patio.

Chocolate strawberries.

Jasmine dancing to HSM 3.

Tyler at the parade for fallen police officers. I am so proud of all he has accomplished. Less than three weeks until graduation.

Ty is on the end next to the sgt.

Parade for fallen officers.


One Crowded House said...

are your yards mostly sand? we noticed when we were driving to the outer banks how even 30 minutes or more inland, it looked like the yards and fields had sand... we were actually shocked to see all of the crops that they were still growing with all that sandy stuff!

PreSchoolMama said...

your yard is looking very nice, tonight for dinner we made Tyler's chicken cassarole I added a little chili powder before the crackers it was great I hope there are left overs for tomorrows lunch.

Lou said...

Ty looks good in uniform!!
When are you guys going come up and do my yard and make me a patio???