Sunday, May 24, 2009


Tyler coming in. He did really well. They called him Taylor instead of Tyler when it was his turn to get his diploma so his friends didn't cheer not realizing it was him but he handled it well.

I had to go get Jasmine so I didn't see him from before graduation until 4:32 the next morning when he got home from his all night party at a sports center.

Ty with a caricature of him they did at the party.

My sister chopping vegetables for the open house.

Ty & Adam making a dessert.

Ty's cake

Rick's family and my sister and her husband along with our family.

Ty opening his cards.

Ty with three teachers from the tech department.
My sister has some funny pictures of him after graduation. He was in a really goofy mood and I missed it : ( I need to upload them to my computer and then I'll post them.

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PreSchoolMama said...

Congratulations you must be so proud he always seems so happy in your pictures.