Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yay! I have internet tonight! The zoo trip went great today. It was awesome to have a day out with just Jasmine.

Lion watching us.

Jasmine being Indiana Jones.

Jasmine told me she'd hold the nectar but when the time came, she backed out so I was holding the nectar and taking pictures. There were only four of us in the enclosure so three or four lorikeets at a time came over to me. While I was taking the picture, one was in my hair, one on my backpack/shoulder and three on my arm. A guy took the one off my backpack and about 1/2 second later it peed so I was glad he had it! And I was glad the one in my hair didn't do likewise!!

Climbing area
Climbing like the monkeys

Play fountain
Brushing the goats.


DragonRider said...

Looks like she had a ton of fun.

BIG DOG said...

Jasmine - don't try to brush the goats by our house.