Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pre op

Our hotel only has internet in the lobby so I'm out here for a few minutes to post. We did preop today. We met with the surgeon who at this time plans to do the webbing on both sides of the neck. He said the scarring will be bad so he is going to try to go from the back so the scars will be on the back of her neck not front. He is using a procedure he uses for Turner Syndrome Kids (Jasmine has eec syndrome) instead of z-plasty if he can. Then we met with a bunch of people in anethesiology (??)--uh, the people who put her to sleep. Surgery is not until Thursday so we plan to spend Wed at Jacksonville Zoo.

We went to the cafeteria but they literally closed from breakfast right in front of us. There was food left--would it really have hurt to let us get some? Notice Jaz's breakfast--doritoes from a machine and juice we brought with. She's reading to me because she is missing a week of school.
Waiting to talk to the surgeon. I forgot to take her picture with him when he came in.
In the big hospital cafeteria for lunch. They have a Wendy's and Subway but Jasmine wanted the cafeteria. This is in a different building than the one that closed on us.
Waiting to meet with the other people.
A statute in Shands.

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Christine said...

I hope that everything goes well.