Sunday, September 7, 2008

Church on the Beach

Today we felt the need for a change in routine. We decided to have church on the beach. Jessica is part of a small group she couldn't miss at 8 a.m. at church so she drove in for that while we got everything ready.

We were just going to get donuts but then three of us decided we wanted hot breakfast on the beach. So we took eggs, sausage and bacon left over from the Labor Day breakfast and then stopped and got donuts for the two that wanted them. (They had hot also.)

Me leading devotions from The Purpose Driven Life. It went fairly well so we might work this into our devotion routine. We read from three different books during the week. (At 5:50 a.m.!)

Rick cooked the sausage, bacon, eggs and even toast on the camp stove while I read.

I got donuts for Ty & Jessica but since Jasmine just eats the sprinkles off them, I brought sprinkles for her and saved the cost of a donut!


Yep. That's me.

You will notice that Adam is not pictured. We are working with a counselor who feels that if he can't follow rules and do his work during the week then he should miss out on the fun. No work, no fun. We love this lady!! Adam is 13 1/2 so well old enough to understand and make that decision.

It was a beautiful day and everyone got along really well. Sometimes this is not the case. One day Ty & Jessica will play games together great and the next day they can't breathe in the same room. Today they got along great, the weather was beautiful, the water was warm. Love it!


Bachelor Paul said...


BIG DOG said...

Hello Paul -

I'm her husband. Anything else?

BIG DOG said...


Good idea. Had a lot of fun with you and the kids.

Christine said...

Funny about the sprinkles! I love the idea of church on the beach!

Lou said...

Looks like fun. Wish we had a beach within 100 miles.