Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have a senior for the first time. So everything is a "first" for me. We survived the ACT and SAT last June. He was suppose to have special accomodations due to asperger's syndrome but that didn't happen. He did well enough to get into our local community college with a partial scholarship. That is where he wants to go for the first two years. Not quite ready to launch away from home at a large university.

Ty's schedule looks like this for now:
5:30 a.m. Up
5:50 a.m. family devotions
6:10 a.m. leave for bus
7:30 a.m. school starts (he has an hour at school before it begins)
2:30 p.m. school ends
3:00 p.m. home
Tues and Thur:
3:30 leave for karate at 4:00 (he rides his bike the five miles)
6:30 Police department Explorer's program

Ty's classes this year are:
Advanced placement government & economics
honors English 4
Web design 1
business computer programming 1
drawing 1
drama 1
outdoor education
digital design 1

International Thespian Society (club)

His first two high school years were spent in a Chrsitian high school with basically no electives so he is loving this year (and last year) and he's handling the pressures of a large public high school better than I thought he would. And he's trying out some new areas like drama. He and Jessica are in the this class together and unfortunately a couple days they provided more drama than the teacher wanted and had to be separated (same last name so they sat side by side!).

I am really looking forward to sharing this year with Tyler.


Lou said...

Sounds way too busy to me. Hope you are enjoying it.

I CANNOT believe that Tyler and Jessica couldn't get along sitting together in class!!!! LOL
Teacher should know better than to sit brother and sister together.

Christine said...

What a handsome young man. You must be proud.