Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ready for the First Game

Rick helps Jessica get her uniform ready for marching at the football game tonight.
Rick is helping with concessions.

Tonight is an interesting game. We are at a public school. But we used to go to the Christian school. Our last year there, the principal left "to help with missions in the Philippines."

What he really did was start another Christian school and take the football coach with him and the whole football team. Stinky. His school is a draw for certain kids because all the classes are computerized and he doesn't have a dress code.

Anyway, we play them tonight. Unusual since we are public and they are a small Christian school. Unfortunately our team is getting really cocky about it. I hope they buckle down and play well.

Ty's ex girlfriend (who broke up with him ON MY SPACE so he was about the LAST to know) goes to the new Christian school. Ty isn't going to the game but she knows what school he goes to so I hope we really beat them. And also just because of how the new school opened and took the whole team from the other Christian school. Why not when they can do all their classes on computer and have a totally flexible schedule.


Anonymous said...

Beat them.

BIG DOG said...

Don't Worry...We did 57-0!