Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out of Surgery

Our surgery time was 8:00 a.m. We arrived at 6:00 a.m. and only had to wait a short time before they took us upstairs and started getting Jasmine ready.
In the waiting room.
In the holding area.

Jasmine read to me while we waited in the operating holding area.

They gave Jasmine some bitter meds to make her loopy.

After surgery.
I gave Jasmine the movie Madagascar and a webkinz penguin in recovery.
Webbing is all gone. I actually took this picture so Jasmine could see it.
She has quite a scar on the back of her neck but nothing that shows from the front.


Lunch. She only ate a bit of the potatoes. I ate the shrimp : )

Some ladies came around to tell Jasmine about all the stuff she could do. She went to the computer room. I went down to the SUV to get our stuff for night. When I got back she was already back in the room crying because the pain had hit. They gave her some tylenol with codeine orally but she's still not comfortable. They may give her morphine shortly.


Lou said...

She looks pretty awake for 6 AM---an hour I don't see anymore now that I have retired!!!!! and don't miss!!!
I'm glad it went well for her.

DragonRider said...

I love you Jaz!
I hope you are doing good.

BIG DOG said...

Why couldn't I have taken you there? I love shrimp! I really miss both of you. We have been praying for you.

Hurry home.