Thursday, June 30, 2016

All Three of my Grandchildren

So our trip went like this:

  • Waterwater rafting and tubing in the Smokey Mountains (Rick, twins, Tyler, Jasmine, Me, Felicia's crew)
  • Visit with family in northern IN (Jasmine, me, Jessica and River)
  • Down to central IN to meet up with my step daughter and her family
  • Cincinnati for International Christian Retail Show (Jessica and River and Jasmine and I went to Cincinnati for the night, but then Jessica and River went on home)
  • Chattanooga (Just Jasmine and I)

Here are some photos from our time with my step daughter Ashley and her family.

My son in law Mike meeting River for the first time

River changed clothes and went right back to Mike.

He is like the baby whisperer or something.

Mike and River with Griffin and Phoenix

Here's the whole crew that was there, minus me because I'm taking the picture. Ashley and Mike with River. Griffin and Jasmine in the back. Phoenix, Morgan and Jessica in the front. Morgan is Mike's sister and lived with them last school.

My three grandchildren,Griffin,Phoenix and River

re enacting a swing photo--but not authentically because she was sitting on my lap in the one in 1988. 

Ashley, her husband Mike, their children Phoenix and Griffin, and Mike's sister Morgan.

 Jessica and Ashley with River. She is a (half) niece to Ashley and cousin to the others, except Morgan, but Morgan doesn't realize so when she's with Ashley, I treat her as though she is one of the grands.

While we were there, Rick was taking Kayla to camp:

Jasmine and I should be home today.

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