Saturday, June 25, 2016

More Vacation--Photo Overload

There's a lot I've skipped, but to save you all serious overload, I'm going to jump to the last couple of days of NC.
A writer friend lives in northern GA and decided to drive up and join us for breakfast. So we did bacon and eggs on the grill and pancakes in the girl's cabin. Our cabin did not  have a stove.

Young adult author Diana Sharples who wrote Running Lean. You can read an interview with her on my website or On my blog for teens.

The last night Felicia's crew was here, we grilled in the fire circle.

The next day Felicia's crew left. Our family went into Bryson for a little while.

We had a late night swim because it was our last night.

I threw pennies and quarters for them to find (in a creek/river with a strong current :) )

While we were there, Rick grilled some steak and also grilled the "hobos" the kids made with meat and veggies Felicia left behind. I can only find one photo of that!

The next morning Rick, Tyler and the twins headed home  (Kaleb was supposed to go with Jasmine and me but showed us through behaviors that he needed to return home with Rick), while Jasmine and I headed to northern IN to my mom's. Jessica drove up to meet us there.

River with my mom--Great Grandma Sims

We tried for a four generation picture but I don't think we got exactly what we had in mind. Pretty true life though.

River with my sister, Great Aunt Lou (Mary Lou)

Jasmine and I hanging out

Breakfast with Rick's parents, Great Grandpa and Grandma Cassel

We only there a few days. Four of us who went to school together got together. In a weird coincidence my childhood best friend was out of town the days we came to visit!! We didn't realize that was going to happen in time to change dates. The NC reservations had to be made the beginning of January. They fill up that fast.

The last night we had a little celebration for River. Kind of a meet River/celebrate six months a little early.

I'm going to end here to avoid picture coma!

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