Friday, June 17, 2016


If you thought Felicia from Stare if You Must or I fell off the face of the earth, we didn't. We are in the Smokey Mountains with a load of our kids! We should do a quiz: Can you identify these kids from a gazillion previous blog posts, but I'll spare you. I'm sure some of you could though. (And by the way, if you remember, Felicia and I met in blog land years ago and then our paths finally crossed in person twice because we were both headed to the same place, once on her sanity road trip and then this trip was planned).

Lest you think I posted all the photos and didn't leave any for her. These are just a few of the ones from her water camera. There are also two disks of pictures that rafting place took of us.

Anthony (hers)

Kaleb (mine)

Larissa (hers)

This is not even all of our kids. I am missing five and she's missing a couple.

Ty and me. Don't we look like we know what we're doing? Love the gear. I took my jacket off half way and didn't look nearly as "cool" without it.

Jason (her son who was our boat guide)

Jasmine, me and Ty

These things are heavy, but they have to be very durable to withstand the rocks. And we managed to lodge it onto a few rocks.

Kaleb and Jason

Me. We were loving it--most of the time. We we weren't thinking we were going to die.

Jason looks a lot more relaxed than Kaleb.

Our other team. Felicia's son in law, Ethan, was the guide for this boat. Tyler and Jasmine were with this group. There may have been a bit of rivalry between the teams :)

We were near two boats with official guides. They stopped half way and turned the boats upside down for a diving platform. To say it was cold doesn't begin to describe the water temperature. I think this is Ty. Update: Felicia is right. This is Anthony.

Anthony This is Kaleb, not Anthony

The girls did these little ballet leaps down the boats and into the water while the guys cannon balled, spun etc.

This is Jason like, "Fine. No one listens to me anyway. Just go ahead and we'll all just die."

More to come. I also never finished posting about Jasmine's choir tour.


Felicia said...

Jumping off the boats are Anthony and Kaleb! I will post when I get back to Internet time.

Anonymous said...

What a rush. Love rafting or tubing on rapids. Are you and Felicia discussing a children's story book? You write she does the art work.


Katie Tripp said...

Erika has a brilliant idea there! It looks like your trip is a lot of fun :)