Saturday, June 4, 2016

5th Grade Graduation

Both twins finished 5th grade this year. Here, that is the end of elementary school. They were at two different schools and will be in two different schools for middle school. That seems to work out best. Otherwise sometimes they choose to play off each other and it's never a good thing. So different schools, and both very good ones.

The week before graduation, Kaleb was in the fifth grade program. He even had a short speaking part.

These two friends will be parting ways. Josiah is going to a computer based charter school, and Kaleb is going to an "A" public school. I will have quite a drive dropping off and picking up out of zone kids this year.
 I wish they would have had them turn and face the audience for pictures, but they didn't.

Jessica and River joined us. Tyler had to stay at home with a child on 24/7 watch.


 Adam and Tara came over to help celebrate.

Unfortunately you will not see pictures of Kayla graduating. That is because she did not go to school the last three days. I will just say that she is exhibiting some ugly behaviors and made some threats which has her here at home under watch. I know she is capable of so much more. I know that she has the ability to be kind, honest and take responsibility for her actions. But that's not the side we've seen lately. So she missed out on the school celebrations. But as you can see, we did allow her to celebrate with us at home.

Right now I am at a loss as to how to deal with the behaviors. We met with a counselor, but not an hour later she was being very ugly to her siblings, being critical, saying hurtful things and stealing.

I know I am not alone in this, but I also know families are hesitant to share this side of adoption. Sometimes people want to live in fantasy land as far as issues, but the truth of it is, many time children who were older when they were adopted bring with them behaviors that aren't easy to deal with. 

My twins are two very different people. Kaleb is small for his age, socially immature, but eager to learn and eager to please. However, both his teacher and music teacher said he has so much more potential than he is displaying because when he is corrected he goes into a pout and dark mood that it's hard to get him out of. We see this here at home. Normally Jasmine will give him a pep talk, tell him to get over it, fix it and get one with stuff. He loves to do about anything as long as he's doing it with someone--watch a movie, help rebuild the swing set, go to Taco Bell happy hour, almost anything. 

Kayla is four  inches taller and about 20 pounds heavier than Kaleb. She is not socially delayed, but does not always treat people well. She will say hurtful things. Today when Kaleb was practicing his trombone, she would howl like a dog every time he played a note. He is actually doing very well for only having had four lessons. Thankfully she was out in the yard and he was inside, so he didn't realize. 

I offered to show her how to play ukulele, and she tried once but hasn't tried again.

With trips coming up, Kaleb has taken a break from swim team, but will return to it in August. Next year he will be in band, swim on the county team, swim on the middle school team for four weeks in the spring and run track in the spring.

Kayla may be in band and run track too. We will take that day by day. I wanted both to join the county Christian choir Jasmine is in, but not sure how that will work out.

Jasmine is on choir tour right now, and I'll post about that soon. She will be home for only one day and then we will head to NC to meet up with another family for vacation. That is followed by a family visit, Christian book convention and camp for the twins. Jasmine has surgery in July and then will resume voice, keyboard and ukulele lessons. They are all combined and with the same teacher.

To see the travel pillows we made for the trip and camp, check out the post HERE and HERE.

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