Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cool Stuff

Just a lot of this and that going on as we settle into a new school year. Here are some photos that capture these times.

Jasmine and I got new walking/running shoes. Hers are for completing 100 miles and mine for 300 miles. We got them during the buy one, get one half price sale during no tax week and with an additional 10% military discount. So we came out really well on it. The twins are around 65 miles.

We have $1 skating on Wednesday nights, but we'll be starting youth group after Labor Day.

Jasmine and me diving with Alex, an instructor. Even though we are certified, I don't feel confident enough to navigate without him.

Hehe. Bad hair day!

Between 10 and 15 feet down. Jasmine still struggles with clearing her ears. I want to meet with her cranio facial team at Shands, but our insurance has decided we can't.

 She's so colorful.

Shark skeleton
I love the feeling of movement in this picture.

 Kids playing with a friend. Kaleb and Josiah are in after school rhythm club.

I am doing some serious decluttering. I pulled everything from the back of my closet, including my wedding dress that has been sealed for 27 years. I saw that even though I paid to have it preserved, the arms and front have yellowed. There is also a stain on the sleeve. I have no idea what to do with the dress. I was going to try to find a place that collected wedding dress for the poor or something, but with the yellowing, I doubt anyone would want it. I guess for now it goes back into the closet.
And no, my 14-year-old is not getting married any time soon. 
 This is the family room, which is supposed to be my office also. One side is bookcases, the other side this. I'm tired of looking at clutter. Unfortunately, as an author, there are lots of papers, books etc that I need.
 The ping pong table takes up most of the room when it's set up. I am clearing out over 100 books and moving the rest to my closet. 
You can see the other side of the room in the background here. It's the bookshelves I often use as a background for the kid's pictures.  I will post update pictures as we go. As long as I am redoing the room, I am also babyproofing! Other areas of the house are getting decluttered also.
Jasmine is feeling her niece move. She was like, "That's soooo weird."

 I took Jess to lunch at the Chinese buffet.
 Someone Jessica knew had to get rid of their dog due to their housing situation. So Jessica talked Adam into taking the dog. She's a very sweet, six year old pit bull. She is mostly an indoor dog, which is good because he lives in an apartment. I hope it works out for them.
She was excited to be going for a car ride. Jessica bought her food, a bed and toys.

So that is all of our random photos and news for now


alwayssunny67 said...

perhaps you can donate to your dress to Angel Gowns, they use wedding gowns to make outfits for babies that pass away to be buried in.

if you google Angel Gowns you can find a local group who can take the donation.

Kathy C. said...

I love that idea. Right now they have too many gowns so I'm going to keep an eye on the website.