Friday, September 25, 2015

Day Off

First, thank you to those of you who shared your "firsts" in the previous post. It seems that we all have a variety of firsts this year. One more for us tonight. Jasmine is at her first away football game with the high school band and won't be home until after midnight! Of course they scheduled band photos for tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow (at pretty much the same time as photos) Kaleb has a big swim meet, and Kayla has her first American Heritage Girls' field trip. Rick and I are trying to juggle things so everyone gets everywhere. Thing is, Kayla's outing is an hour from home, so I'll be driving her and staying with her. Kaleb's swim meet is 45 minutes away. Same direction, so I'll be able to catch part of his meet.

My two children in public school had Wednesday off. The charter school was not off. And I couldn't bust her out on a family day because her grades were too low. 

So we headed to the beach where we normally dive. Due to the budget we weren't diving today. I did see Jasmine and my instructor from basic, and he suggested I sign up for advanced. It's five specialty dives, and it would be way cheaper than hiring him for five dives. So I might do that next month. It's cheaper in off season months. Update:Not going to be able to do this due to a reoccurring sinus infection.

 We grilled hot dogs and snorkeled.

The current was really strong, so we had to stay shallow and to the far end of the jetties so the current would carry us into the jetties NOT over them into the open water.

Me. It was that kind of day.

Jessica photo bombing.

Of course after we have all this fun on Wednesday, Thursday after Kaleb left for school, I saw he'd forgotten his planner, and I realized I hadn't seen it all week. So I opened it and found a one page single space typed letter about his behavior Monday. Erg. It's been a while since he's had a bad report, although she did say when he didn't like something, he'd shut down. We see that too. He also pouts like crazy. And it's enough to drive a person crazy. But overall, up until Monday, he's been doing really well. Just the pouting if he gets corrected about something or loses a privilege.

After the beach, Jasmine got her hair done at an African braid place. I can cornrow, but it's not totally even or very tight. She had school pictures today (Friday) and has band pictures tomorrow, so I wanted her hair to look really good. It'll also make it easier if she doesn't have to comb it out every morning.

I did the beading, and I got lazy and pulled the back into a pony without beading. I am either going to do white or black so we can change the front colors without having to change the back.
Tyler will be moving back home soon. He has aged out of Job Corps. He did not pass his a+ certification unfortunately. He got 680 out of 1000 but needed 700. You can test twice, but they didn't give him time to study his weak areas but instead made him test again right away. He did get his IC3 (computer) and wildfire certificates. He does not know what he wants to do yet.

Jasmine leaves for school long after the others, so she and I have been watching movies together in the morning. There's not much else to do at 6 a.m. I have netflix DVDs and instant play and also the trial month of Kindle Unlimited which has instant play movies. So far we've watched If I Stay, One Song and Let it Shine. We plan to watch What a Girl Wants which was suggested to me by a writing coach due to a fiction idea I'm working on. What movies would you recommend that Jasmine and I watch together? What have your daughters enjoyed? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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schnitzelbank said...

If Ty wants to earn his a+ cert, there are plenty of places on the outside of JobCorp that he can sit for the test. Good luck!

Kathy C. said...

Rick tested for it not long ago. It was like $250. Ty just isn't loving that career field :( He'd rather do the fire thing.