Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lots of First

This week we've had lots of firsts.

Not the first time he' s made my clothes his nap spot. But first time for this hoodie. I haven't even worn it yet. Now it's got that fur look to it. Been there?

First time in uniform for her new high school band. I'm pinning the legs up.

First time  kayaking from the marina to the island. If you look by Rick's feet, you'll see a lot of algae. I didn't see it, stepped on it, and my feet went out from under me. I went down flat on my back (thank God for my life jacket!) and my head smacked down with a thunk. I am feeling it now!

Ready to go

On the island, icing the lump on my head! There isn't much beach at this part of the island, but it's too far around to kayak to the beach and jetty part.  There's a ferry, but it's $15 each. There is nothing on the island but sand, grass, trees etc, so whatever you need, you take with you. We took lunches and lots of water. 

First time rescuing dragonflies! A lot of dragonflies were upside down in the water and couldn't move. Several had drowned, but we rescued about six!

It was too shallow to snorkel really, but we floated on top the water and watched the hundreds of fish in this grass. Can you see them?

First time holding a live sand dollar. It was moving the little hairs, or I guess it was actually moving, and that felt weird. I moved it out to the grassy area so it wouldn't get stepped on. White sand dollars are dead. Green and fuzzy are alive. Now you know.

First time buying ice cream from an ice cream boat. Yeah, it plays the music, and you wave and flag it down. I didn't think we had money with us, but my life jacket whistle ($75 fine if your life jacket doesn't have one and you're on a boat) has a container for money, and Rick had put some in it. I never even noticed the canister part of the whistle.

Waiting on Jessica's first baby. I do have two step grands, but I'm not in contact with them much and only see them for a few hours every couple of years.

Not the first time she's borrowed my clothes.

No firsts here, we were just goofing around. We start a digital camera class and a sign language class on Friday.

First day of the second year of County Christian Youth Choir.

First day ever of American Heritage Girls. We just got a troop this year. It's at a church about 45 minutes away. Rick blew a tire Monday night, so Kayla and I went to get Jasmine and take her to choir before going to AHGs. Poor Jasmine left the house at 7:30 and didn't get home until 9:00 that night.   

Kayla loved it. That's good because it's something she's willing to work for. She's very excited about the trips and badges. I was asked to be the Shepherd. That has to be approved through the board, though. It would be cool. It seems like an amazing group of girls.

Travis' first hair cut. Last time the clippers scared him, so he didn't get groomed.

Sasha went along to get a bath.

So much cuteness in one little body

She knows she's a princess.

Jessica was at the house and wanted Taco Bell. So everyone got Taco Bell. Look at those faces.

Love my adult kids. She's the only one I see regularly though.

What first have you had this school year? Come on. Write something. My cluster maps counter isn't counting right now, but it does show me that we have people from all over the U.S.A. and the world stopping by. So please leave a comment and share your firsts. I bet we have some really unusual ones among blog readers.
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Emily said...

K stuck her first front handspring without a spotter today.
I threw my first teenager birthday party ever!
First time ever L has gone a whole week without a tantrum!
Good firsts here.

Christina said...

First time attending college, About 15 years after I had planned to, my loving minion broad held me up. And first time commenting ( I love reading blogs but commenting well gramar is not my strong suit yet hello gramar in college)

Sophie said...

First time teaching graduate students, first time co-teaching, first time giving three lectures!

jahkamakura said...

First time I led a PTA meeting. First time my 15 year old started a charity service club for the disabled children at the orphanage. First time commenting here...I think. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Rose Anne said...

We are using a home school co-op for the first time this year, Jorja is in the home school choir for the first time this year. It is nice because it is a Christian home school group and they start the day off standing and praying over the kids!