Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Fun and Too Much Drama

Labor Day was a break in a drama filled week. We headed over to the bay in the morning. There was a 40% chance of rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful day.


 We had a small group this year. My adult kids didn't come, so I only had three kids, and the Millers only had one at the bay. Things really change when kids grow up. With a smaller group, all of us took turns on the rented paddle board.
Josiah and Kaleb went kayaking. Kaleb spent most of the day kayaking. He wouldn't go on the kneeboard after losing his suit last time.

 Josi grilling
 It was shallow enough that we didn't need life jackets in certain areas. Tide really makes a difference in the bay. 
I was letting the current carry me around the point.

 Rick grilling more meat.
Jessica came for food. She and Hunter have to move out of the house they are renting from Hunter's mom on land owned by his grandfather. Hunter and Jessica's dogs keep getting out of their fence, and the grandfather told them they had to get rid of the dogs or move. They chose to move. He only gave them a couple of days to be out. Jessica needed to get away for a while so came to join us. Then later I went to her house to help her pack up.

 Jasmine and I went under the bridge to another part of the bay. The jet ski decided to act up. We got a warning light and beeping. The jet ski dropped to 6 mph. I was able to take it over to shore with the help of waves. Rick came over, backed the SUV into the bay and pulled the jet ski out. He's my hero.

There was no rain, but we got a double rainbow and could see both ends.We were looking for the end of the rainbow when the jet ski broke down. I have to get it looked at this week or next. Bad timing as I need a $950 part for our a/c, my kindle is dying and the van needs repairs. I needed this rainbow.

 Can you see the double rainbow?

Lately I have been spending a lot of time trying to get Jasmine the services she needs. It isn't going to happen at her current school. So I put in for school choice to put her in the smallest public high school. It is underenrolled because there is one "rich" high school that a lot of the kids want to go to. I'd rather have her in the smaller one. 

The paperwork went through today, so I unenrolled her from her current school, and tomorrow I'll get her enrolled in her new school. There are many things she will miss from the charter school, like band and better behaved students, but many she won't miss like getting a zero if an assignment is at all late or isn't 100% complete. It just makes for too stressful of a situation.

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Emily said...

Does the new school have a drama department?