Thursday, August 20, 2015

This School Year

Kaleb, day 2 of fifth grade. Kaleb gets home 90 minutes before the girls. His bus  picks up at 6:50 and returns at 2:20. Since the girls are out of zone, they have a longer time on the bus. They get on the bus at 6:10 and return at 4:00.

Kaleb's school day is 7:30-1:50. Kayla's is 7:30-2:20. Jasmine's is 8:15- 2:25. The middle school combined  with Jasmine's high school starts 15 minutes earlier and goes a half hour later, so the buses run after the middle school is out. They start at her school and then go to Kayla's school for those kids. There are staggered start times for elementary, middle and high school due to the traffic jam in car pick up.

Being at a public school, Kaleb has less homework and less strict rules and expectations, although he's at one of the best elementary schools, so I know he's learning everything he needs to. That won't be true if he goes to our zoned school for middle school, so we are making decisions about that.

Day 2 of school. The pets are always glad to see their children come home.

Travis provides a lot of stress relief.

Day 3 of school. The school that the girls go to has a whole rainbow of shirt colors whereas the public school only has three choices--the two school colors and white.

Day 3 of school

 Jasmine's high school is on the block system. None of the other high schools are, so you cannot easily transfer to another school during the year. Jasmine has four classes this semester--technology (the class does the morning podcast), English 1, Algebra 1a and Geography & World Culture. She goes to each class 90 minutes a day. The whole year's work will be finished this semester. Then next semester she has four different classes-Physical Science, Personal Fitness, Algebra 1b and Creative Writing. Algebra is going to be a challenge for her, especially since she hasn't had pre algebra so she went from 7th grade resource math to regular algebra 1.Crazy.

Because of the schedule, there isn't time for some of the classes. So band, choir, yearbook and football meet before school from 7:15 to 8:10. That is zero period. She has band at that time. It also meets after school on Tu & Th from 2:30-5:30!! That, unfortunately, is the same time her two dance classes meet. So she doesn't have dance this year, although we might be able to join after football season, but she will have missed 2-3 months of class.

The schedule leaves her only extracurricular as the County Christian Youth Choir that meets on Monday nights.

Kaleb made swim team and has that four evenings a week. More on that next post.


megan said...

That's interesting. Concord has a block schedule too that's where they don't have semesters but trimesters, right? And Concord still had time in the day for electives. During marching season band is the last class of the day and goes 40 minutes after school is over. Then they have Monday evening practice for like 90 minutes and Wednesday evening for three hours. The day of competitions they'll practice for 3-5 hours in the morning.

Kathy C. said...

All the first semester classes are done by Christmas and count as a full credit. Then the second semester they have their other four classes.