Sunday, August 9, 2015

Play Week

This week Jasmine, Kaleb and Kayla tried out for "The Little Mermaid." This is an original play by Missoula Children's Theater that only vaguely resembles the Disney version. It has all original songs. 

On Monday The Missoula people arrived, and 80 kids showed up to try out for 60 parts. Depending on where the Missoula people are, they have from 20 kids to 450 kids show up for 60 parts! It's open to ages 5-18. Our oldest one this year was 17 followed by Jasmine who is 14. 

The kids had to say lines like "Frozen is the worst movie ever", "There's a monkey in my soup", and others. 

Kayla saying "It's a bird, it's a plane, oh it's nothing."

Kaleb saying, "Basketball? Not basketball again!"

They had to sing row, row your boat as a group, then in groups of ten kids. It was a close try out for the main parts. They had to sing in smaller groups as they narrowed down who would get each part. Jasmine had to sing with only one other person at one time.

These are the kids who got the main parts. One merboy, four mermaids and a starfish.
 Practices started the same day. In fact tryouts ended at 11:10 Monday and practice for Jasmine started at 11:30. We did a quick run to Burger King! Practices were Monday through Friday, and the first performance was Friday at 5:00.

Someone back stage slammed down one of the props, and one of the mermaids jumped. Jasmine started laughing.

Sea Scout

Mer people
When they did photo call for town criers, Kaleb wasn't paying attention and thought he was supposed to go change, so he left!

This year there was a second show Saturday at 3:00.
Ready to go to rehearsal this morning. 
 Kayla as Sea Scout
 Jasmine as Amelia mermaid

 Kaleb as town crier

 town criers
 Sea Scouts

The kids are already talking about next year. Right now we're watching the video that shows what the Missoula Children's theater does all over the world because Jasmine is interested in working with them after high school. I think that would be great. (Okay, so maybe I suggested it to her, but I encourage my kids to follow their dreams and use their talents.)

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kayder1996 said...

Missoula comes to the smallish town near my really small hometown. (If that makes any sense...) My cousins do it every year. Good stuff!