Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby Girl is 24

We didn't know Jessica was going to have a celebration tonight at her father-in-law's, so Jasmine and I took her out for lunch Wednesday and gave her presents then.

at Chile's

Jasmine got Jessica Time Life book about Special Ops.
 Ty bought her a mug at the mall in Mishawaka

From my mom

From us. I gave her more, but forgot to take pictures.
Some of the family sent gift cards to her at her house so they aren't in the picture.
Sneaking a bite of Jasmine's mac & cheese while J's in the restroom.

Dessert. We all shared it!

I mentioned it was for her birthday, so they brought her the free ice cream they give for birthdays. 

Tonight isn't specifically for her birthday. She is actually going to reveal the gender of her baby.

We are trying to get everything around for school because it starts on Tuesday. Has anyone started school already?

My step grands started this week. Ashley and her husband got custody of his little sister. So they have two in 6th, which is still elementary in their small town, and a 2nd grader.

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