Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School

Today the kids started school. Ninth grade, fifth grade, fifth grade. Three kids, three schools.

Jasmine started high school today. Since she had paper, supplies and a band uniform to take in, I decided to drive her. I figured I could pull up outside the school and walk the paper in for her. She has zero period, but it turns out so do a lot of other kids, so the traffic flow as already in place. I had to just drop her and go. So she took two packs of paper today and will take the other two tomorrow.

The charter elementary and middle school has to wear uniform bottoms, but the charter high school kids can wear jeans. But they have to be plain blue or black, no rips etc.

In the drop off line.

"I love you Boo Bear."
Jasmine is at the other branch of the same charter school she was at. The original one has K-8th. They opened a second one that is K-12th. Both middle schools feed into the same high school. However, there were more middle school students than slots available, so they did a lottery for the slots just like they do for the younger grades. Jasmine made it in,but some of her friends didn't and went to public this year. Others chose to go to public.

Kayla is at the original charter campus. And yes, she cut her hair again! Adam's girlfriend Deja put extension in her hair. She made a mess of them. Then she cut two braids down to the scalp! I took her to the lady who does my hair. There was no real way to salvage it. She cut it short, but you can still see the two bald spots. But otherwise she would have had to take it to the scalp. Sigh. At least it will be easy to take care of!

I took Kayla for testing this summer. Her IQ is well within the normal range, and only two points from Kaleb's. She tested as ADD and ODD. That changes nothing as far as her as a person, but perhaps having it in writing will help us get her the help she needs. It was a very long summer with her. Some good times, and some very stubborn, oppositional and defiant times. She goes for counseling in an hour, and  we'll be discussing strategies for her.

Kaleb is at a very good public school. It has an A rating. But before the year is over, we will have to decide what to do about middle school. We are zoned for the worst middle school possible. 

Kaleb tries out for the city swim team tonight. If he makes it, I can try to get him into a middle school with a swim team. If not, I'm going to try for the middle school that had the number on track team.

Right now we are trying to work the extra curricular activities. Jasmine has after school marching band Tuesday and Thursday, and I just found out it doesn't end until 5:30, so she can't take either of the dance classes she wanted to.

Have to go get Kayla now, so more about school later including Jasmine's block schedule and zero period!


Emily said...

Answers are so good. Name it to tame it. I'm glad you know for sure and can move forward with Kayla. I'm hoping to get more answers for Lexi tomorrow. We'll see.

One Crowded House said...

Eli's school year last year was way more successful because we were able to get him on an IEP and now he has the help he needs. It made a big difference.