Monday, April 27, 2015

Random Photos

This is the twins' birth dad. I wish the sticks weren't blocking his face. I'm going to copy the information I received with it.
It was fun to hear him talk about his musical career.  When I asked if he would play drums for me to make a video, he said yes, but he explained that it is difficult to do when you are the one who always plays accompaniment to other band members.  We couldn't find drumsticks, so Riche (the yard keeper) quickly stripped some sticks and made them as usable as possible, which is what Fredo used to play in the video.  You could tell he was nervous, and sort of out of his element.  He said that he usually plays the drums for jazz music, and he typically uses his hands to drum.  We didn't have that kind of drum for him to use though.

People are seeing the princess book in their local Christian bookstores. I have a give away on my blog for girls where you can receive free books if take a picture of your daughter in a bookstore with one of my books. All the info is here.
She just started a new job yesterday. I saw her in uniform today and didn't think to take her photo. She now works at a restaurant right on the beach.

Lunch at Chick fil A with Adam
It's always interesting to see what Jasmine is going to wear to church. I care more about the attitude of the heart than the clothes as long as they are neat and clean.

There is a T shirt she'll be wearing under this. We just got Saturday, and she wanted to wear it Sunday. Very unusual for her to want to wear a dress. Sunday afternoon we got two pink T shirts to go under it. It's actually for 8th grade graduation.
 Hip hop costume for recital this year.

I asked Adam for a picture of him from prom, and this is what he sent!! Got to love selfies. I told him I'm going to use this one until I get a real one.
Every fourth Sunday, and sometimes other Sundays when they are short workers, Jasmine and I work in one of the two-year-old classes at church. 

We had ten children, but two needed held or they'd cry, so I called Rick to come over and help.
So it became a family thing.
And they all love Jasmine. She's not all that much bigger than they are!

So those are my random photos.

Coming up:
Baseball games
Battle of the Books 4th grade--2 participants, 2 different schools
Battle of the Bands Middle School
Try Scuba class (this is just a two hour get to wear a tank thing mostly for tourists, not a real class)
Band competition at Universal
Twins' birthday
Field Days
Spring concert and awards
a multitude of appointments
8th grade graduation
Probably a lot of other stuff I am forgetting

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