Friday, April 3, 2015

First Beach Day of the Season

The kids had Good Friday off of school so we  headed to the beach for the first time this year.
Rick wasn't off work, but he works near the beach we were headed to, so we stopped and had lunch at Subway with him. He works 35-45 minutes from the house!And only about 10 from the beach.

First time at the beach since last fall so lots of sunblock. They all sunblock every time though, even the Haitian kids.
 I am the one who is sunburned tonight! Guess I should have reapplied more often since it was the first time I've been in the sun for a while. I didn't do my feet until later, so they are especially burned. 
Sunblocking. No idea why he brought this stool!

First time to try out the snorkel sets they got for Christmas from Uncle Ken.

There are always fish by the Jetties (rocks) you see behind Jasmine.

I didn't have an underwater camera so no pictures of us actually snorkeling. The camera belongs to Jessica, and since she doesn't live here anymore, I have to borrow it ahead of time.

We met up with Rick on the way home. Kaleb had a baseball game, so Rick took him while the rest of us went home and showered and made supper. Usually we all try to go to the kids' games, but Jasmine and I were still in swimsuits and covered with sand.

The kids painted the pinata.
Jessica called about 8:30 to say she'd just gotten off work. I'm not actually sure why she was telling me that, and I never did ask her. But I told her we had just finished eating and had some pork linguine left. So she came over. We decided to go ahead and do the pinata tonight.
You can see our pinata from start to finish HERE

Today had some not-so-happy incidents with one child, but overall it was a really good day. We have several more activities planned for the weekend. How about the rest of you?

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