Sunday, April 19, 2015

Destin and Pensacola

A friend of mine from high school drove down to the panhandle with her family for spring break. We met in Destin for an early lunch.

One of her daughters is to next to her and the daughter's friend behind.

On Friday Jessica and I drove to Pensacola for the Extraordinary Women's Convention in Pensacola. They have them in several city through the U.S. They take place on Friday 7-10 and Saturday 8:30-4:00. If you sign up for the next year at the conference, it's only $49. A bit more online, and it goes up a lot nearer to the conference and is $109 at the door!

They have a face book pageHere. Some of the pictures below are from that page. Others were taken by Jessica, myself or someone in line with us.
Kasy Van Norman, Karen Kingsbury, Liz Curtis Higgs, Angie Smith. 

With Anne Kingsbury, Karen's mom

Karen Kingsbury
Jessica with Karen Kingsbury's daughter Kelsey and Kelsey's husband Kyle who sang at the convention.
Margaret Feinberg. I really enjoyed hearing her. She was funny, yet had a sound message about happiness and joy despite her struggles with cancer.

Michael O' Brien lead the worship music. Everyone loves him. 

Kyle Kupecky sang, and Mercy Me had the late concert Friday night. We left because it was really loud, and Jessica already had a headache.

This is the first time I'd heard Liz and she is funny and amazing and very genuine. I read all of her Bad Women of the Bible series when I was writing my devo about Bible women (The One Year Devotions for Girls Starring Women of the Bible), so it was nice to meet her in person. 

I have interacted with her briefly a couple of times at ICRS in the past, but she was signing her books set in Scotland (I think), and I got them for someone else since I don't read those.

We have her kid's books The Pumpkin Patch Parable, The Parable of the Lily, The Sunflower Parable, The Pine Tree Parable.
Tim Hawkins was there, too, but no pictures of him. He was funny, but honestly you could tell he was trying to be funny--sometimes too hard. But Margaret and Liz were just genuinely funny because they are women, and they knew what we could all relate to. 

If you ever have a chance to go to EWC, go. And take someone you are close to so you can share the experience.

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Margaret Feinberg said...

Kathy, we had a blast at EWomen Pensacola. I am so thrilled you too enjoyed your time! Thank you for the kind words.