Friday, April 24, 2015

Award Day

Jasmine's school does something cool. Every quarter when they have the honor roll award ceremony, they also have the Bobcat Pride awards. Each letter of Bobcat Pride stands for a character trait. So 11 students a quarter per grade level receive an award. That means 44 students a year. So there's a better chance of getting one of those than if there is only a student of the month.

Jasmine got I for integrity in 5th grade. Then nothing in 6th and 7th. 
January 2012

They don't know ahead of time that they are getting an award. She knew once she saw me. Because she knew she wasn't on the honor roll so I had to be there for Bobcat Pride awards.

Mrs. Ginger came too. She is our children's minister. She and Jasmine have a special bond. Jasmine is holding up the wrong certificate. That one is for a special lunch for the award winners.

I took her chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, haystacks etc. The problem is that awards are before the place to get these is open. I got this the day before, and Jasmine was with me. I told her it was for Jessica because she had class and couldn't get them herself. Yeah, I lied. Problem is, Jessica walked into the mall where we were about ten minutes later to borrow something from me. Of course she asked what the goodies were for!!! Busted. So, I lied again. They have been warned I will lie about presents (but not other things) and it's forgivable. So please don't leave me any nasty comments. Jasmine and I kidded about how I'd lied to her and then she got the integrity award!!

This past Monday she got the second B in bobcat for break through. It's for a student who makes significant progress in one area. I think it was probably her language art teacher who put her in for it. She's new to the school this year but not new to teaching. And she and Jasmine hit it off.

I just realized she was wearing a pink shirt both days. Funny because she's not a pink person. But Monday was color wars and pink was the 8th grade color. 

Again, as soon as she saw me--and Mrs. Ginger who was there for her too--she knew she was getting an award. When she first saw me, Ginger and Adam, who was able to come, she was a little startled. Then she appeared somewhat nervous about it. But it must have sunk in although she was still anxious clear up until they called her name. Of course they did honor roll first. Maybe she thought we were there by mistake for honor roll.

With Mrs. Ginger

With Adam. He and I went to lunch at Chick Fil a after this.

I bought her a Dr. Seuss travel journal while Jessica and I were on our weekend out. 
It's called Oh the Places I've Been. She has a band trip to Universal May 8 and 9 (so if you're in the area, check out their performance), then we have NYC. That's followed by New Orleans (just for a couple of days after we pick the twins up from camp in Pensacola. It's only 3 hours farther.), Orlando (book convention which means a book signing for me, chances to promote my books and get together with other authors) and Indiana (family). Can you say "hotel points"? Cutting corners is the only way we can make it all work. Get and use points, go to Walmart for food and pack lunches etc.

Jasmine has a lot coming up. The Universal band competition, spring concert with a reception for advanced band afterwards for them to get their awards. They usually have a separate banquet but that was just too much on top of the Universal trip and concert. Then she has 8th grade graduation. We have to find a dress that meets the dress code. Some of you remember what happened at the final dance of 8th grade!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay you go Jasmine you rock and your family must be proud. I hope you find a dress for your graduation.

God bless