Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Afraid of the Ball

This is Kaleb's first year of baseball, and he's on the 9-10's team which is kid pitch.

He stands far back from the plate and runs backwards out of the box when the ball is thrown. It is an automatic strike. So the first time up to bat, he struck out.
If you look close, you can see the anxiety even though he's trying to hide it for the photo.

The second time up to bat the pitcher either threw it a foot over his head or it hit the ground three feet in front of him. So he stayed in the box and walked to first.

Running to second 

He is quite fast. In fact he ran from second to home on a hit with an overthrow. I didn't have the camera ready because I thought he was only going to get one base, but he went all the way in.

All smiles now that the game is over. He has about six more games. I'm hoping he'll try again next year. He is a runner, he's not just sure he's cut out for baseball.

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