Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This and That

This was taken November 1. We read through the book of Proverbs in October, a chapter a day. We've done this the past 5 or so years. Then we celebrate completing it by getting carry out food or going out to eat.

This year we went to Taco Bell for breakfast.

Then we went to The Giver at the $2 theater. Jasmine and I had seen it before. It's a good movie but not totally true to the book. They tried to make it more like Divergent or Hunger Games, and they didn't need to. It would have been fine as it was.
Later in the day there was a fall festival at the church where Jasmine has County Christian Youth Choir.

Only a few of the kids showed up to sing. There are kids from 20 different churches in the choir.

Science fair project is done and turned in.

Now we are starting the history fair project. The theme this year is leaders and legacies. Jasmine submitted a request to either do her project on Walt Disney or Louie Armstrong. Both left strong legacies. But her teacher tends to shoot down our interesting ideas and give her something boring. Like last year she wanted to do Ruby Bridges but ended up doing court cases that influenced school desegregation!! So, here's hoping for an interesting project this year. I feel a field trip coming on if she gets to do either of the topics she submitted.

Any one else in the midst of science or history fair projects?

Some of the stuff I talked about a couple posts back about Kayla that happened at school affected Jasmine, and she was really upset. (One problem of having siblings in the same school.) Jasmine was really down, so Jessica came over and got her and took her to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the $2 theater for a sister date.

I took Jessica to see "The Best of Me" at the regular theater the day before. It was sad!! Are all Nicholas Sparks' movies sad?? I put a bunch on my netflix list and may need to buy tissues.

I took Jasmine to Dolphin 2 to celebrate finishing her science project.

The dogs decided to come in and nap on the couch! 

They were all asleep when I went to take the pictures, but of course they heard me and had to see what I was doing.

I have some pictures from this morning (Veteran's Day), but I'll post them next time.

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