Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sharing Our Favorite Places

Saturday morning Hunter and  Jessica left for northern GA for three days. My mom, sister, childhood friend Juanita, her husband and daughter and our kids, including Jeff, headed to the bay. Adam was going to try and come but ended up going into work. 

It was October 25, and warm enough to kayak, paddle board and jet ski.

Ty entertaining the people on the shore


My mom and sister standing up. Juanita and her mom sitting down. All four came down from Elkhart, IN.

Jasmine spotting for me

Kayaking with Juanita. She hadn't done it before. It's easy in the bay.

My mom with Jasmine

Mom and Kaleb

Mom and Kayla

Mom and Ty

No one thought my mom would be able to make this trip. She can barely walk and her hips are bad so travel is not comfortable for her. But she was determined to come down. I don't think she's been down since 2007 maybe. I'm glad she decided to make the trip.

We even got her on the jet ski. It was tricky, but once she was on she was fine.

Rick lifted all 91 pounds of her from the jet ski and sat her in the kayak. She didn't seem to be sore from any of it afterwards. I was just glad she was able to get out and do stuff with us.

Jeff and Kayla. Jeff started out at Fort Bliss Thursday morning and drove 20 hours pretty much straight through to get to Jessica's wedding. That was almost an hour from our house. He left Saturday from the bay to drive back. Wish he could have stayed longer.

Ari trying out the paddle board.


We got my sister on the jet ski. She really didn't have any excuses after my mom went on it!

Ari and Jasmine. Ari is about six months older and a grade ahead of Jasmine. Taller too!
Sunday my mom and sister went to Ty's church with him. Then the kids tried on various costumes, which has become kind of a ritual, for the fall festival that night at church. Aunt Lou even got in on it.

Batman on vacation
We started cookies but had to stop to go to the festival

Ty with Caleb R. who recognized the costume and wanted a picture with him. Made Ty's day.

Travis went to the festival but didn't do well with all the people and confusion. So he had a hot dog and then went back home.

We finished the cookies after the festival.

My mom, sister and Ty left early Monday morning. The rest of us met Juanita's family at another of our favorite beaches, but one we don't go to often as it's a ways away and it costs $8 a car to get in. We arrived in three different cars! The twins were not approved for Monday off of school--Kaleb due to grades and Kayla due to behavior. So Rick picked them up at noon and met us there with the kayaks.
It was sunny and 80F

Ari and her dad went on a one tank dive on the far side of the jetties.

There were a lot of large jellies along the edge of the water. Some were up on the sand, and we put them back in the water. 

With it being October 27 and a school day, there was hardly anyone there, and that was nice.

We snorkeled on the shallow side of the jetties and it was amazing. I need to get an underwater camera because it was like swimming in a tropical fish tank. So many different colors of fish, and many we haven't seen before. I don't know if it was because there were only a few of us in the water or if the tide brought them all it, but it was amazing.

Tuesday we went back to life as normal. Except that Rick has been out of work since October 1,so he's been home with me a lot of the time.

So now all of you are probably on picture overload of our family, friends and beaches! It seems kind of strange to have the wedding and everyone's visits behind us after planning for so long.


Katie Tripp said...

It looks like you had a blast! I'm so glad you could spend time with family and friends. I hope you have a quiet and restful week this week!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Katie

megan said...

That's so great your mom and Lou got to come! I can't believe your mom got on a jet ski and kayak! I'm very impressed. Looks like a great time for everyone! Hope Rick finds a job soon!

Kathy C. said...

I'm glad she was up to trying it. I wasn't sure. I know she gets really bored with little to do.

Rose Anne said...

It was really good that everyone was able to come ! It made Jessica's Day I am sure....
and pic away it is snowing here so any warmth is welcome!

Kathy C. said...

Don't miss the snow!