Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

We've had a good week here. It was very rainy the first part of the week, then it cleared and we had sun again. We've been able to walk at the park and spend time outside.

We had our family dinner last Saturday, and Jasmine had a hymns concert at another church on Sunday. I'll try to upload a couple of videos in the next post.

The huskies came to visit. We need to set things up differently next time.They are not safe with the little dogs,and we almost lost Sasha in an incident similar to the Travis/Kiara tragedy.

We watched Polar Express. Decided on Cream Soda rather than hot chocolate.

Game time

Jasmine hit the same chute three times!!

"Why me?"
We went to the beach to grill on Thanksgiving Day since we had our family dinner last Saturday. 

It was sunny and a bit windy. We started out in jackets but ended up in short sleeves.

We spent a lot of time throwing the ball around. And fished it out of the water a few times.

This beach is on the Gulf of Mexico in the FL panhandle.

Kayla decided to go in the water. I told them it was up to each of them whether they did or not.

The kids worked together to make the gingerbread house. It feels strange only have three at home now. We would definitely like at least once more but the state of  FL refuses to work with us to get a waiting child. We are now too old for Haiti and the wait is four years anyway.  But we'd like a boy 11-13 or 4-6. But it's not happening. But we have three empty beds and a lot of experiences to share with another child.

I got a griddle at the Walmart sale Thanksgiving evening.

And I got three pairs of the $8 shoes!! Walmart brand--Andi. Jasmine almost always has Nike high tops so I was surprised when she wanted a pair.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a blast. The beach what fun. This year was the first time we celebrated on Thanksgiving in a long time. Still had one out of state and one who worked after the meal, because stores have to open up now. Ugh I hate that.


One Crowded House said...

I bet only three seems super quiet.