Sunday, November 23, 2014

Early Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving with everyone last night. Well, everyone who is in town. That way they have Thanksgiving free to start their own traditions. Or to fulfill other obligations. We were hoping Hunter's mom could join us, but she had a family emergency and had to be at the hospital. 

Last year we had a much bigger group with several extras and then went up to Indiana for Thanksgiving picking Ty up on the way. But my SUV does not like cold weather and froze up last year. I would have been tempted to go up again if everyone hadn't just been here for the wedding last month.

We made turkey, ham, mashed sweet potatoes, yams, and two kinds of gravy. Also had two kinds of cranberries. Jessica brought green bean casserole and stuffing. Adam brought a  large pan of potatoes and of gravy (so we didn't need ours!) from Church's Chicken where he is manager and two kinds of cookies from Walmart.

Deja joined us later.

Jasmine (13)

Adam (19)

Hunter (25) and Jessica (23)

Kayla (9)

Kaleb (9)

First present of Christmas

Deja and Adam

On Thursday the five of us still in the house will be grilling steaks on the beach.


One Crowded House said...

I think it is very nice of you to celebrate early. So many people put such tough pressure on their newly married/committed children and it really puts the kids in a tough spot to choose- when yes, they might want to start their own traditions as well. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

We have had to celebrate Thanksgiving right after the last few years because of the way most my kids had to work that day. We usually have out meal in the evening and play games before but this year we will have it on Thanksgiving early and one works later and one cant make is out of state and has to work.

Happy blesse Thanksgiving to you


Kathy C. said...

The early Thanksgiving just seems to work for us. Next year Ty should be back.