Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ty's Hair

Ty David definitely has my hair. 

He also likes to go to Comic Con, Dragon Con etc. which is where "geeky" people get together dressed up as their favorite anime, cartoon or comic characters. This is a costume Ty put together a couple of years ago. He really got into this--painting the boots, painting the helmet, making the shoulder piece, shopping thrift stores for the clothing etc. 

This is the one he's working on now. So I volunteered to turn his hair "yellow." I talked to the lady who does my hair, and she gave me what I needed. She also warned that since he has my hair, it could go copper instead of yellow.
So here we are working some magic on his hair.

And here he is with copper hair! We all actually liked this color, but it wasn't what he needed to be the character he wanted to be.

Still, I think it's cool looking.

He went to talk to my hair person, and she took the copper out.

So now he's authentic.

If you compare this to the original photo of who he's trying to be, he did pretty well. He painted soccer shin guards for the arm pieces and he's even wearing the necklace and pocket chain although you can't see the pocket one.

Just one more adventure with my first born!

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