Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celebrating Early

Ty David will be 24 on the 23rd, but he won't be here. So we celebrated on Monday.

He had some problems with the last three candles.

The 7th is also my half birthday, and the birthday we assigned Scrappy. We gave him this birthday, because it's Max's real birthday and they are near the same age. Both are 15 now.

We got Max as a newborn so we know his birthday.

Monday afternoon we drove to a climbing gym. We haven't been to it in years. But everyone enjoyed it, so we might go again in a couple of months. I just wish it was closer.

We did bouldering, which is climbing without ropes. You are only allowed to go twice your height.

Playing follow the leader. Yeah, Jasmine is higher than twice her height. We had to keep reminding them.

With bouldering you go sideways more than up.

It was $14 a person for the day which included climbing shoes. We didn't actually pay $14 though because the three littles got a $10 kids rate and Ty and Jess got a $12 student rate. I paid for everyone this time to celebrate Ty's bd. Adam had to work. He works all the time so he misses a lot. Jess is working 40-45 hours weeks also.

I got my books in the mail so we are going to be reading this book together starting Monday. (Yes, I have to buy copies of my own book). The book is for girls, but the contents are relevant to any kids 5-8 or so.
Join us in reading through it. Details Here

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