Saturday, March 1, 2014

This and That

Wish I had something really exciting to share, but not this time. Weather wise, we've gone between 40F and 76F in the past two weeks, so that's been crazy. We are in the panhandle, so we are more like Alabama than Florida really.
Adam stopped by to bring Jasmine a late birthday present. These two are pretty close. Adam shares an apartment with a friend nearby.

Jessica and I are working on a fiction project that deals with underwater crime scene investigation, which of course she is in at FSU. I'm afraid neither of us make good murderers. We were trying to figure out knife angles etc. this day. We basically only have Wednesday mornings to work with her college and work schedule.

On Fridays we usually have fun food because we are so ready to be done with the school week!!! Pressure is on with FCAT coming up. Last night we had confetti pancakes and home made strawberry shakes. We also only have the three youngest here on Fridays normally.

Adam stopped by for his uniforms for his Marine reserve weekend just in time to grab a shake and go.

Jasmine decided to celebrate Travis' birthday on Feb. 28. That's within a week of the correct birthday.  He's Maltese/daschund so he's pretty much full grown now that he's one. I'm glad he's small because he's really hyper. That would be a problem if he was any bigger.
This was Travis' official adoption photolisting picture.

Jasmine will be playing the vibraphone in competition next weekend. The school doesn't have one, so Jasmine has been practicing on the one at our church. The school is going to borrow one for the competition. You can see the pedal if you look closely. Rick took this picture on his iPad.

What's ahead?
Jasmine has middle school band competition next Saturday. It's pretty intense, but they are a good band even though it's a small charter school.

Rick and I are headed to Orlando for three days by ourselves in a little over a week. I hope it warms up because we are going to Discovery Cove, and it's not going to be much fun if it's cold out.

Rick and Tyler are headed to Louisville Comic Con the end of March. They just have to work out some details.

Jessica and I have Extraordinary Christian Women's convention in Pensacola the first Friday night and Saturday of April. We'll get our Karen Kingsbury fix.

FCAT starts April 14. Not looking forward to that. 

The middle school band goes to play at something at Wild Adventures near the end of April.

Then in May things get really crazy of course. I'm sure they do for the rest of you too.

Jessica has decided not to lead a mission team to Malawi this summer. I'm kind of disappointed, but I know her life is changing. It's no longer a priority. She will be going to ICRS with Jasmine and I though. The twins will be at camp that week.

Jasmine and I went to the Lego movie today. I fell asleep three times (but not for long). :(

Jasmine is waiting to watch Rizzoli and Isles, so I need to end this blog post. She watched one last night and wasn't sure about it so wants to try another one. 


Anonymous said...

I see you've been super busy. Doesn't necessary slow down when they get older does it. I can understand. You have a great family though, serving God, some serving our country too yay! Praying Jasmine does really well in her music competition and they all do on the FCAT. Enjoy your vacation time away that sounds like a lot of fun.
Jessica's major I am sure is really interesting I hope your week is fun and blessed


Kathy C. said...

Thank you.