Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break

We were more than ready for a break!! Me especially! Some of the behaviors at school were escalating, and we were seeing more inappropriate behaviors, lying about it and so on. Usually when they are just with me, I can get them back on track. Or at least deal with it directly. That usually means losing out on something because of not being able to be trusted. Jasmine has also been really stressed out with school work, too. And we have FCAT testing next month.

I really wanted to start out strong Friday doing fun stuff, but that's when I realized that school planners with teacher comments about behaviors had been hidden and altered. So on Friday instead of having a big Frozen kick off to spring break, Jasmine and I went to the theater to see Divergent.
It's similar to Hunger Games as far as genre--and unfortunately, as far as violence. I'd love to see a "survive the new world order without any violence" movie. I was happy that there was only one a** word and one b***** word in the whole movie! I really like it, but didn't particularly like seeing kids gun down other kids.

Saturday was still a little rough because little people were testing me as far as did I mean it when I said the yard job they'd been stalling on and being downright disobedient about had to be done before we could do anything fun. All of us have been working on some jobs to clean things up outside. But some have been wandering off and hiding or trying to get a sibling to be disobedient too. That doesn't doesn't earn privileges.
One of the biggest jobs was power washing the outside of the house. Rick tackled that with some help from the others.

Then Rick and Jasmine went to Nut Job at the cheap theater.

Sunday night the Nelons were at church. Jasmine and the twins sat really well during the whole thing, so we finally did our Frozen night. We stopped at Walmart to get ice cream.
Ready with two kinds of ice cream.

Um, yeah, she is licking it out of her bowl.
This time (in Frozen) when the gates are open to the castle, I saw Rapunzel in the crowd going in. At the theater I'd just see a quick glimpse of her at the last second. Did you all catch that they did that? Disney kind of has a reputation for putting in characters from previous movies.

This morning we went to the park. The kids ran/jogged three miles. I walked four miles. So they had time to play while I finished up.

Then we went to Chill. I'd never heard of them until about a month ago. Anyone else ever go to Chill or have one in their city? Jessica has school this week. She caught the trolley from the college and met us there.

You can choose from 30+ flavors and as many toppings--fruit and all kinds of candy--and they weigh it when you're done. It's kind of expensive because you pay per ounce, but we had a buy one, get one free coupon and a buy one, get one half-price coupon.

This bowl was almost $5!!!

This bowl was around $4.

So that's what we've done so far. We plan to go back to the park and walk/run tomorrow and also grill lunch there if the weather is good. We hope to get to the beach although the water will be really cold. We hope to go bowling and to a movie at the cheap theater. So just around town stuff this week. But fun stuff.

Rick will be heading to see Tyler at the end of the week. So we had to get $1,100 worth of repairs done on the van!! Thank goodness for tax returns!

What is everyone else doing this week? Anyone else on spring break?


Annalyn Reed said...

I read the first book to Divergent and loved it! I really want to see the movie as well! The frozen yogurt looks really good. We have seen Frozen many times and everyone is always singing the songs. I can watch it for the 20th time and still laugh. I too do not get my chores done all the time and you are right, it does NOT earn privileges.
Glad you all have fun and hope the rest of your Spring Break goes well!

kayder1996 said...

We don't have a Chill but we have several other similar type places. They are expensive though but yummy!

One Crowded House said...

We have a yogurt place just like that called Sweet FROG (Fully Rely On God). Pretty cool actually- but very pricey too. We use coupons or sometimes we get gift certificates from grandparents for holidays- so that is nice. We usually don't eat a meal and eat that instead 'cause it is so filling. Our spring break is over Easter holiday.

Kathy C. said...

Hi Annalyn. Thanks for stopping by!!

Kathy C. said...

Kayla-We have others too but I haven't been to them. Yes, they are expensive!! We usually just buy Walmart ice cream and some toppings.

Tanya--one of those just opened here. I didn't realize that what it stood for.