Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Drummer

 As you remember from these past photos, Jasmine is a drummer. She plays bass and snare drums. But that's not all she plays. She also plays xylophone, bells (looks like a big silver xylophone), chimes, sleigh bells and vibraphone.

She's the middle bass drum. It's pretty big for her!

This is Jasmine waiting for the MPA (Music Performanace Assessment) yesterday. The judges were really hard on the bands this year. They got a 3 on their practiced pieces (1 is best, 6 is worst) and a 2 on sight reading.

 This is the first MPA song. Jasmine is playing xylophone, but you can't see her behind the tubas. There's another song where you can see her on vibraphone, but I can't get it to load!!!

This is Jasmine demonstrating some drum technique.

Jasmine on orchestra bells.

In other news, Erik Estrada was at our church tonight. Unfortunately my camera was not. It's still in Jessica's purse from a wedding expo this afternoon. Erg. I don't generally carry a phone and what I have is a tracphone anyway, so no help there.

Rick and I are headed to Orlando in the morning. We'll be back Friday.


God's Grace said...

Disney Again? Have fun! :) I'm enjoying the bloggy world once again. Terry

Kathy C. said...

When we get Disney tickets they are usually four day passes and we go twice for two days each. It's about 6-61/2 hours.