Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time Away

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Last week Rick and I took a few days away. Because he still had two days on his Disney pass, we went to Orlando/Kissimmee. We also went to Discovery Cove. I think a four day cruise would have been cheaper! Especially since your food and room are included on a cruise. But I wasn't sure about going out of country leaving Jessica in charge. I think she would have been fine though. We always fill out a power of attorney paper for her, too.

Ready to go
Discovery Cove

The good thing about Discovery Cove is that everything is included--food, drinks, towels, wet suits etc. We took our own snorkel gear though because theirs is the cheap kind.

The bad thing this day was that when we went down to our car to leave for Discovery Cove, we found out it had been broken into. The door lock was forced open and is unusable now.


 This was spring break week for the colleges so everything was packed full. I think it was garden week too. And high school band festival.

Magic Kingdom 
It was wall to wall people with 2-3 hour lines for the big rides. Even the rides like this one that normally don't have a line had a line. The problem is that the only times we can go are the busy times that everyone else can go also.

But crowded or not, at least it was a break from the routine. Soon the kids will be doing FCAT testing and then there's the end of the year stuff.

Jessica's spring break was last week, and the younger three have spring break next week. It doesn't look like it's going to be warm enough for the beach :(

What are you all doing during spring break? Or is it over?


Katie Tripp said...

Our spring break was last week. Which is crazy, because now there are no breaks until Memorial Day. I have no idea why it was so early. We just stuck around here, we have a pass for the science center and a friend had extra passes for the zoo, so we just did little day things. It was amazing weather, so the kids had fun outside as well.

Tracy said...

Was Discovery Cove worth the price tag?

Kathy C. said...

Tracy--When we went Nov '12 I bought a Sea World pass in order to get the pass member rates for Discovery Cove. So I've never paid the high price. I think I paid $99 each once and $130 each once. It's worth it if you stay the whole time and snorkel and such. Plus the food and drinks are included starting with breakfast. This last time I mostly laid in the sun and I could have done that for free on the beach, but the first time Tyler and Jessica snorkeled the whole day so it was definitely worth it. We go off season--November once and March this time. And we don't do the dolphin part. Just the basic.