Friday, October 25, 2013

You Can Tell It's Been a Boring Week...

...when the excitement of the week is amusing ourselves making pancakes in different shapes.

Rick's Star ship Enterprise D

Mike Wazowski--you can tell, right?

 Mickey Mouse (this was actually the first pancake made)

Her project is on how the length of the air column affects pitch. An empty bottle is G#.
As she adds water, which shortens the air column, the pitch is higher.

The twins are doing so much better behavior wise this year. In general, we are very proud of them. The problem is one of them changes his behavior chart and lies to us when he don't do well; the other doesn't bring home a daily chart. Good behavior means more privileges of course. Poor behavior means a loss of privileges until you bring a good behavior mark home. So usually a loss of privileges for 24 hours. But lying has a worse consequence--usually two days of restriction instead of one. We are trying to help them understand that lying only makes things worse. We expect kids to mess up. We adults mess up too.

Tonight one was already on restriction for lying about something really trivial earlier. The thing itself would not have had any punishment, the child just needed to go fix the problem. But she lied instead. Sigh. 

The other had been telling me how great he was at school this week, especially today.  As he was on his way out the door to a special movie with Rick and Jasmine something didn't seem right. So I asked to see his chart. (The colors this year are totally opposite of earlier years. Red is best, orange is next best then yellow. Green is neutral. Light blue is poor, dark blue is very poor, pink is worst).

This is what the chart looked like.
You can see blue under the orange. And tonight I also realized there is blue under yesterday's green. I marked it on the planner, but also e-mailed the teacher. She confirmed he was blue both days and that it had been blue when he left for the day. She told me to check his backpack because his green, yellow and orange crayons are missing from his desk. Yep, hidden under stuff in the back pack.  So he's on restriction a whole week because this is three times in the past week. And what a week to do this. Sunday night he and I will go to the church festival, get our free hot dog and chips and watch the other children play games, bounce on the bouncy castles and take part in competitions. If he had been honest yesterday and today, he would have gotten privileges back Sunday morning. Starting Monday the teacher will mark his chart herself using markers.

On to a more fun topic, Jessica and Hunter spent their Tuesday date night carving pumpkins. 

I'm glad they can have fun together. Hunter isn't smiling, but that's just Hunter :)


Tracy said...

That color scheme they use for the behavior chart seems confusing!!! What's wrong with Green = Good, Yellow= Warning, Red= Bad. Interesting they incorporate so many colors/levels of behavior. If it makes you feel any better, Avery has had 6 notes home in a month...sigh. My older two have NEVER ever had a warning so this is NEW territory for us!

One Crowded House said...

Eli has that crazy behavior color thing too at school- green is neutral- and up and down from there. It is so frustrating when the kids lie about something they weren't going to get in trouble for anyway- and then they end up getting in trouble for the lie!

Kathy C. said...

Tracy--that is what I'm used to--green, yellow, red. This year there's seven colors! And red is the best. Crazy.

Tanya-the lies are frustrating to be sure.