Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beach Run, Careers and Engagement

While Adam was still here, the kids ran a beach run not far away. It was 6:30 a.m. We had to be there earlier because it's a 1/4 mile walk (at least) down a boardwalk to the beach. Jasmine opted out of it and went on to school on her normal bus. Tyler, of course, is still in KY.

The sun was coming up.

Adam was first. It was a 1.5 mile run at he was at around 8:43. It wasn't timed as it wasn't a competitive run, just a fitness run.

Kayla came in second. This was a little tough for Kaleb to handle as he prides himself on being the faster twin. But in the last 5K she was right on his tail. The difference here may have been that she opted to run barefooted, and he wore his running shoes. People did it  both ways.

Adam is now in NC doing more training and then will train in his career field for reserves. He should be back by Christmas. He did not complete his college application while he was here. He had the time but wasn't really focused on it, just anxious to get on with his training.

Tyler is still in KY at Job Corp. He is fitting in well and getting along with everyone. That was my biggest concern. 

But he's not finding a career field he feels he can do well at. Welding was full. He didn't have enough strength to cut down trees. He's in brick laying but feels he's not doing well. He says he  messes it up every time. I told him that I'm sure everyone does at first and that's why he's there--to learn. But he doesn't feel good about it and is considering changing to being a computer tech. 

When he first started college, he wanted to go into graphics and design and then design video games. He did not do well in his classes. After he started the job with Goodwill, where he repaired signs, picked up trash and used the week whacker, he decided he really liked that and wanted to do something more manual than work with computers. Now he's looking at computers again. And that's okay. He has to find what works for him.

I still don't have any pictures of him, because they don't take any. He didn't take his camera or iPad with him either. He doesn't want to stay there over Thanksgiving, so it looks like we'll actually be heading north for Thanksgiving this year.

Funny, two years ago I had seven children at home. Now the three oldest boys are out of the house. Ty and Adam will be back during vacations, but we are adjusting to not having them here full time. Really changes meals.

Jessica has made a major change of plans. Her plan was to graduate from college in May, lead a teen mission team to Ireland during the summer, and then go into the USAF or another branch active duty as an officer.

They needed older leaders for the Ireland team, though. You can go as a team member up until the age of 21 or so, and she's only 22. So they asked her to lead a preteen team to Malawi. She started planning on doing that and then still going into the military.

Then this  happened.

She's wearing both parts of the ring in the picture, but then took them apart and is only wearing the engagement ring. They are planning a wedding next October. She will be 23 at the time, and he will be 25 then. He turns 25 right after Christmas.

As of this point, she found out she may not have all the classes she needs to graduate next May. It looks like some of the requirements were changed, and she has classes she doesn't need and maybe not ones she does. She's meeting with an advisor next week. She is uncertain about Malawi and about job plans after she graduates. He is open to her going into the military and moving around the world with her, but they haven't decided yet. They are young and have time to plan. He has a full time job working at a boat yard doing um, I'm really not sure. Maybe electronic repairs??? He's told me, but I don't remember. I just know he works on them when they are docked.

So that's our news for now.

It's raining today. It's also fall festival day at Jasmine's school and Kayla has a soccer game. It looks like fall festival is going on as planned, but I'm not sure about the games.

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One Crowded House said...

Well things are really REALLY changing around your house. Praying for everyone as they transition through these adult decisions.
Will also be praying that as they are making wedding plans they can focus on the importance of being "equally yoked"- with their marriage being centered around Christ. It is the only way to make it these days.

I should know- my mom has been married 5 times!