Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunny Weekend

Last week I had a post called Rainy Saturday, so I'll call this one sunny weekend, because it was beautiful weather for soccer and the fall festival.

Kayla played forward. I think she's going to be a good player. She is aggressive, she just needs to focus it a bit.

Her team won 1-0. The teams were pretty even, which makes for a more interesting game.

Saturday night Rick and Jasmine made pumpkin pie. We put it in individual small glass bowls with no crust. I do not like crust. I don't think Jasmine does either. The others don't care either way.

Jasmine and Kayla decided to try on costumes.

Then they carved the pumpkin.

No one thought to take a picture of the finished pumpkin! It was a skull and crossbones due to the recent interest in pirates.

The girls are ready for church. The middle schoolers were supposed to wear team shirts, and they had a tailgate breakfast.
On the fourth Sunday of the month (unless we are needed on a different week), Jessica and I have nursery duty together. We have the children who can mostly sit and some of them can crawl. Once they walk well, they move up to another room. This means we may not have the same kids next month that we had this month. We usually have them for about 4-6 months.
The blue shirt is the nursery shirt so you don't get spit up on your clothes.

In the evening our church had fall festival. Jasmine was a helper.

Jessica was in the dunk tank.


Jessica had to go to work after she was in the dunk tank.

The girls. Kaleb started out at the festival even though he was on restriction. He knew he could have the hot dog and chili but that he'd lost the games. He used the time to pout and try to get everyone to feel sorry for him. It didn't work, and he ended getting taken home. It's been a rough weekend. Sometimes when he gets corrected for something (like cheating on the school behavior chart), he will go through several days of defiant behavior before fixing things. 
We took Jessica to work and stayed to see "Planes." 

Before, we'd get in free and get free popcorn and soda as long as we'd bought and brought the bucket and our own cup. No more. No one gets anything free--not even the employees!

So that's how our weekend went. I'm hoping for a calm week this week but we'll see. Keep Jasmine in your prayers. She has boils on a part of her body where no girl should have boils, and it's very painful. She's on antibiotics and we're hoping they respond to that.

Jasmine needs to finish up her science project this week, and the twins need to finish their paper bag costumes and book reports. Kayla's written report is done, and her bag is started. Kaleb knows what he wants to do, but doesn't have much done yet.

Tyler is still doing well. He calls twice a week most weeks. He is trying the computer tech training.

Adam called Saturday as we were leaving for Kayla's soccer game. He says this training is just as hard as boot camp was. He threw his first live grenade and is shooting machine guns. Guess he has grown up on us.

Hope you all have a great week. Do you have a fall festival or go trick or treating or both? Or neither?

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